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If you’ve been injured in a car accident or suffered a serious personal injury due to another’s negligence, you need strong, effective legal assistance at your side to make sure you get the care and compensation you need to recover from your injuries to the fullest extent possible. Hale Law, P.A. exists to provide the people of Sarasota and Bradenton with high-quality legal services and a focus on client needs and concerns. “The Patricks” are experienced Sarasota car accident attorneys who can help achieve the fairness you deserve.

Personal injury claims and the Hale Law difference

Clients at Hale Law benefit from the individualized, personal attention that comes from our small firm environment. You’re not a case file number; you’re important to us, and attorney Patrick Hale is with you throughout the course of your claim. When you have questions about your case or need an update on its status, we’ll always communicate with you promptly and personally. We’re here to serve you and get the results you need and deserve.

Firm founder and principal attorney Patrick M. Hale is a distinguished attorney with the right background and credentials to provide top-quality representation in Sarasota personal injury matters. He is a graduate of the Stetson College of Law in nearby Gulfport, home to the top trial advocacy program in the country, according to U.S. News and World Report. Mr. Hale served as a clerk for the Office of the Attorney General and the 6th Circuit Civil Appellate Panel before working for a prominent local insurance defense firm. He also prosecuted over 30 trials as an Assistant State Attorney. With his knowledge of insurance company practices from the inside out and extensive courtroom experience, Patrick Hale is well-situated to negotiate a full and fair settlement from the insurance company or litigate your case to a jury if that’s what it takes to get the best result.

Hale Law handles the full range of motor vehicle accidents in Sarasota and Bradenton, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents. We handle a variety of different types of accidents caused by drunk drivers, distracted drivers or even uninsured drivers, including head-on and rear-end collisions, rollovers and multi-vehicle accidents. Additionally, our firm fights hard to recover maximum compensation for the most serious and catastrophic injuries, including brain injuries, spinal injuries, burn injuries, amputation injuries and wrongful death. Our Sarasota personal injury attorneys approach every case with compassion and sensitivity to client needs, while at the same time with an aggressive, tenacious attitude toward the negligent drivers and their insurance companies.

Florida Car Accident FAQs

After a car accident, you’ve got repair bills, doctor bills, a major disruption in your life, and lots of questions about where you go from here and how you go about filing a claim for no-fault benefits or pursuing full compensation from the at-fault driver. To get you started, here are answers to some of the frequently asked questions we hear at Hale Law as we help people who’ve been injured in car accidents in Sarasota and Bradenton. If you have other questions or need to speak with a lawyer about your claim, call Hale Law, P.A. at 941-735-4529 for a free consultation with an experienced and successful Sarasota car accident attorney.

What do I need for my car accident claim?

Once you retain a Sarasota car accident attorney for your car accident claim, they’ll take over and ensure that all the necessary evidence is gathered and the proper steps are taken to obtain excellent results for you. Your focus during this time is on getting better medically and putting your life back in order after a crash. You can help your lawyer, however, by obtaining certain information at the time of the accident and afterward, and sharing what you learn with your attorney. The following information can be especially helpful: the other driver’s name, phone number, driver’s license number and plate number, and the name and phone number of their insurance company, including their policy number; name and phone or email of any witnesses to the accident, along with a description of what they saw; a copy of the accident report if the police were called to the scene; medical records, including emergency medical treatment, doctor appointments, labs and test results such as x-rays and MRIs, bills and receipts from doctors, hospitals and pharmacies; and property damage receipts.

How do you determine what a car accident claim is worth?

There are many different types of legal damages recoverable after a Sarasota car accident (medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc.), and many different factors go into calculating a case’s settlement value or ultimate worth. Some of the main factors influencing claim value are:

  • The nature and severity of your injuries
  • The cost of your care
  • Costs of anticipated future treatment
  • The impact of your injuries on your ability to work
  • The impact of your injuries on your quality of life
  • Type and amount of insurance coverage
  • The quality of the evidence, such as an accident report, witness statements, and what kinds of witnesses the accident victim and negligent driver would make

Many of these costs and factors are not fully known until after you have reached a point of maximum medical improvement with your doctor, so it may be several months before the value of your claim is known.

Are punitive damages available after a Sarasota car accident?

That depends on the other driver’s conduct. Florida law only allows punitive damages for intentional misconduct or gross negligence. This means the driver knew he or she was engaging in wrongful conduct that was highly likely to injure someone but went ahead and did it anyway, or the driver was so careless or reckless that their behavior exhibited a conscious disregard or indifference for the safety of others. Examples of conduct that might merit punitive damages could be driving at a highly excessive speed, drunk driving, intentionally clipping a pedestrian or trying to run a bicyclist off the road, or leaving the scene of the accident knowing an injured person was left behind.

Can I get no-fault benefits if I’m injured as a motorcycle rider?

Florida’s no-fault insurance law does not cover motorcycles. No-fault insurance and personal injury protection are not required for bikers, and not many insurance companies will offer no-fault insurance to motorcyclists. Riders who are injured in a motorcycle accident instead may need to pursue a civil negligence claim or lawsuit against the negligent driver personally. This process may be more difficult than applying for no-fault benefits, but much more compensation is typically available, which is most often needed to cover the serious injuries often faced by injured riders.

Effective DUI and criminal defense in Sarasota County courts

As a former DUI prosecutor, attorney Patrick Hale worked with Florida law enforcement officers every single day. He knows proper police procedure, and he knows what to look for when evaluating an arrest for mistakes or weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Call Hale Law, P.A. for aggressive, effective defense of charges of driving under the influence, boating under the influence, domestic battery, drug crimes and other felony and misdemeanor offenses in Sarasota or Bradenton.

Steadfast advocacy in homeowner’s insurance claims

Insurance companies don’t always play fair: claims are denied or unreasonably delayed, or they are not fully paid. as an attorney who goes up against insurance companies every day, Patrick Hale knows when they are negotiating in good faith and when they are engaging in bad faith insurance practices. We help homeowners with mold damage and other claims get the benefit of the policy they bargained for and paid untold premiums on. From coverage disputes to insurance bad faith litigation, count on Hale Law, P.A. to stand up for your rights and get you the benefits you need and deserve.

Call Hale Law for Your Legal Needs after a Sarasota Car Accident or Personal Injury

The road to maximum compensation after a personal injury starts immediately after the accident, so call Hale Law, P.A. as soon as possible after a crash. We’ll talk to you right away or return your call as soon as possible. Your consultation is free, and we handle all personal injury and insurance claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only charge a fee if we recover for you so it won’t cost you any money out of pocket to pursue your claim. We serve clients throughout Sarasota and Bradenton, and we are happy to come to you if it’s inconvenient for you to travel to our Sarasota office. Experience firsthand the personal attention of a lawyer and law firm that cares about your success, and get the care and compensation you need and deserve after an injury caused by another driver’s negligence. Call the Sarasota car accident attorneys of Hale Law, P.A. aka “The Patricks” at 941-735-4529 for immediate assistance.

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